BEATS | White | M Only

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Design by JME. Art Direction by FLICK.

A one off super special T-shirt. Limited to fifty prints. This design was created to accompany JME's first solo exhibition two years ago. JME had his next exhibition planned in April 2020, and due to COVID19, it had to be cancelled. To celebrate the event we created this special variation of the original. The design has been inverted, and then we asked our printers to do something special. The fade you see is not printed in two colours, it is not created digitally. It was printed in one pass with two colours in one screen. This means every print is slightly different. The ink colours slowly blend and get closer together with each print. This way, you can be assured your T-shirt is a genuine original one of.

In conjunction with COVID19, we can now offer this T-shirt as JME's exhibition will not go ahead as planned.